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Explore Namibia

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Political regime:



825 418 km2

2 630 000 inhabitants




Windhoek, 326 000 inhabitants,

altitude - 1600 m

Namibian Dollar - NAD

With +/- 300 days of sunshine per year,

Namibia is a lovely place to live in.

Official Language:



Current Weather

About Namibia

Rainy Season

Rainfall in Namibia is usually limited to the summer months of October to March, extending into early April and in rare cases to early May. The heaviest rains fall from January to beginning of April.

Rainfall varies across the country from south-west (lowest rainfall) to north-east (highest rainfall).

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Springtime in Namibia is in September and a wonderful time to travel. The temperatures start to rise but it rarely gets too hot. Nature begins to slowly stir, flowers bloom, and there is a buzz in the air as everyone and everything waits in restless anticipation of the coming rains.

1 Month - September

Average Temperature


Summer is long, stretching from October to March (6 months). It is also the official rainy season. Temperatures are warm during the day, but do get cooler (by as much as 10 to 15 degrees Celsius) at night. This is also a time when we can see a lot of young animals while on safari.

6 Months - October to March

Average Temperature

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Namibia doesn't really experience the typical three-month seasons of the northern hemisphere. Summer is followed by a short Autumn from April to May (2 months), although most leaves drop from deciduous trees only from late May. 

2 Months from April to May

Average Temperature


From June to August is winter in Namibia. Rainfall stops almost completely (except in the far south – in the winter rain areas). During the day temperatures are moderate to warm. Evenings and nights can be very cold, in the inland and desert frost occurs some nights.

3 Months from June to August

Average Temperature



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Best Time to Visit Namibia

All year round - depending on what you are looking for.


Physical address:

17 Parsival Street, 
Windhoek, Namibia


Office number :

+264 (0) 61 259 041

24 hour service number :

+264 (0) 81 128 4020

email :

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